Feta Avocado Dip

Ingredients (four to six servings):

  • 1 ripe avocado (approx. 5.29 oz/150g)
  • 7.05 oz (200g) Bergland Feta Chunk Original, or Bergland Feta Chunk Reduced Fat
  • 7.05 oz (200g) Greek yoghurt (10% fat) or cream yoghurt
  • 2 pouches salad herbs “Greek style”
  • 2 twigs smooth parsley
  • 0.88 oz (25g) pine nuts


Peel and halve the avocado and remove the stone. Cut the pulp into small pieces and put it in a bowl. Add Feta cheese and yoghurt and puree finely with a mixer. Stir the salad herbs together with the avocado cream. Then wash the parsley and shake dry. Pick the leaves, chop them finely and also add them to the avocado cream. Now, roast the pine nuts in a pan without adding fat until they turn golden. Then take them out, cool down and chop them finely. Put one tablespoon aside and stir the rest into the mixture. Finally, spread the rest of the pine nuts on top of the dip and serve.