Tomato Feta dip

Ingredients (four to six servings):

  • 10.58 oz (300g) tomatoes
  • ½ bunch parsley
  • 1 glass Bergland Feta Cubes in oil, approx. 5.29 oz (150g), or Feta Chunk Original/Reduced Fat
  • 2 pouches salad herbs / fresh herbs
  • 1.76 oz (50g) black olives (without stone)


  • Wash the tomatoes, remove the stem base and seeds and dice the pulp.
  • Then wash the parsley and shake to dry.
  • Pluck the remaining leaves and chop finely.
  • Put aside 1 tbs. for garnishing later.
  • Now put the Feta cubes in a sieve and drain.
  • Chop finely and place in a bowl.
  • Mix in tomato cubes, parsley and herbs.
  • Cut the olives into small cubes and also add it to the dip and mix everything again.
  • Finally sprinkle with the remaining parsley and serve.